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I am a Technical Product Owner who specializes in execution and breaking down roadblocks.Over 20+ years in software, I've had the opportunity to gain skills across a wide variety of roles. From my earliest days in technical support and professional services to my current role as the Senior Product Owner for a large transactional SaaS order management platform, I've been fortunate to learn from many wonderful people and been able to give back by imparting my own knowledge on others. My ongoing goal is to continue learning new skills, doing good work, and helping others grow in their own career.Beyond work, I am a father to both two and four-legged children, a husband with an amazing partner, and an ally to anyone in need. I believe that science is real, love is love, women's rights are human rights, diversity is a strength, and kindness matters.Let's connect!

Check out these retro works pics! These are from the early days of my career when I was primarily focused on customer training and new employee onboarding education.


I’ve spent a career facilitating productivity for users in software, both in traditional desktop and online SaaS models. I’m versed in agile methodologies and have experience as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and numerous other roles. I excel in on-site and remote work configurations, work well in teams (as a member or a leader) or independently, and I learn quickly.Beyond my qualifications, I’m fun to work with, interesting to talk to, and happy to share my experience with others. I work to lift others up and facilitate success because I win when my team wins. No job is a one-man show.My work wish list is simple: I want to work with like-minded people who have fun building products and services that customers love. I want that work to be meaningful. I want the company I work for to put people over profit.My complete resume is available here.


Core values form the bedrock of an individual's character, shaping both personal and professional spheres. I’ve identified the following set of core values that influences my life and leadership philosophy through every interaction I have and every action I take. I live, lead, and learn by them every day and I want to share with you what they are:

  • INTEGRITY is an unwavering commitment to honesty and moral principles. It is fundamental to me as an element of my overall leadership philosophy, helping to establish trust and credibility through every interaction I have with others. Individuals with integrity take responsibility for their actions, admit mistakes, and learn from them. This accountability strengthens their character and shapes an individual's reputation, both personally and professionally.

  • In personal relationships, integrity builds trust among friends, family, and peers. It establishes a reputation for being genuine and trustworthy, and for fostering deeper connections and healthier communication. In a professional environment, it forms the basis of ethical decision-making and influences how others perceive and interact with an individual.

  • RESPECT acknowledges the inherent worth of every individual. It contributes to positive and meaningful interactions in both personal and professional settings, and helps to foster effective communication. It recognizes that every person brings something unique and beautiful to this world and that how we treat others is a direct reflection of our own character.

  • Through respect, I work to create a foundation for positive relationships. I learn to listen attentively when others speak, learn from those with more experience than myself, and strive to show others I appreciate when they invest in me. It is a trait that enriches my interactions with those around me and helps to create a thriving social and professional environment.

  • EXCELLENCE is the commitment I have to achieving the highest standards in everything I do. It is a mindset of continuous improvement and dedication to refining my skills and knowledge. It drives me to complete every task to the best of my ability, and to be continually learning so that I may do better with each new day.

  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE promotes a strong sense of social responsibility in an individual and cultivates a sense of empathy and a deeper understanding of the needs within a community. Individuals who engage in volunteer work often develop a broader perspective on societal issues, enabling them to connect with and relate to the experiences of others in unique and important ways.

  • My own volunteerism includes work with the Civil Air Patrol, local food banks, and in my efforts to continually invest in others as others have invested in me. I believe that when those around me win, I win. By sharing what I have learned, others are able to benefit from the knowledge I have gained through my own experience.

These values matter to me and should matter to the people I work with.

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